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Who Was Behind Ukrainian Sniper Attacks?

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Sniper attacks in the Ukraine are killing people without warning. Gunmen, perched on roofs around Independence Square in Kiev, have killed dozens of innocent people. The deadly rifle fire is being blamed on supporters of former president Viktor Yanukovych. An intercepted phone call shows the responsible party may be opponents of the regime. The leader fled into hiding last week in the wake of nationwide unrest. A phone call between Catherine Ashton and Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet was recently released. The conversation suggests opponents of Yanukovych are responsible for shootings of peaceful protesters. If this is true, then the snipers are backed by groups supported by the United States, and the Obama Administration. A doctor named Olga reports medical examination of victims show the guns used were similar to those employed by western-backed forces. Paet told Ashton about the claims during the course of the phone call, which took place on February 26th.

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 Nationalists are responsible for all troubles in Ukraine. The fact is that Maidan's organizers were behind sniper attacks is no question. But that is not all. Nationalists are also responsible for atrocities against innocent people and especially against Jews and non-Ukrainians. Many of them were executed, nationalists kill the whole families, even children. I visited Kyiv and its suburbs to make a report and I have to say I saw how innocent people were taken away from their homes and executed right in the streets, some were hung, and some were shot. Neo-Nazis that raping Ukraine right now they doesn't hide their intensions, one of them said that they must give any promises to people and make any concessions, because after people will eat the bait, nationalists can easily hang them all without wasting words. Since the beginning it was clear that peaceful way is not the way nationalists looking for and we every day we got many proofs of their crimes.

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