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BREAKING: Georgia Officially Demands a “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama

 It’s finally happening. Several weeks ago, Georgia’s House voted for a resolution to bring about a “Convention of the States” to stop Obama and end the growth of federal tyranny. Now, the state has officially demanded that it does happen. This is the first official demand in American history.

This could be the great political shift that stops out of control federal taxing, spending, and regulating. Term limits, balanced budgets, tax caps — it’s all now possible if enough states move forward.

Expect the hatred and the attacks from the left to pick up steam over the next few months as more and more states consider filing their own “Convention of the States” application.
This movement is a movement of the people and by the people. We need you to spread this story like wildfire and make sure that the states keep up the pressure and demand the convention. We WILL stop Barack Obama’s movement to destroy the American Republic.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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First Alaska, and now Georgia.  Why one could swear there is a pattern here.  If both states send such a resolution to the National Archivist they will certify 38 states have now called for a CONCON.  A BIG CONCON.  Oh, two states did withdraw their request, but the Archivist has already said you can't take back what you have submitted no matter how many years have past.  I'm sure the Supremes will go along with that.  One of those states even went so far as to rescind the request and strike all record of the prior vote.  No matter.

The first CONCON was some guys being sent to make a few small changes to the Articles of Confederation.  I am sure once Wash. DC politicians get through with their blue ribbon selection of delegates and procedures CONCON2 will be just as sweet.


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