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Two Letters Re: Staying Mobile in a Collapse Situation

•, S.C.
Felt the need to respond to this. The author mentions his emergency fuel, and it should be noted that it is just that– emergency fuel. However, it sounds like he is using this full time in his Cummins 12v and OM 617. (I have a Cummins and 616– a naturally aspirated 4 cyl little brother to the 617.) It is nice that he has tested the usability of his blend, but if he keeps that up his engine will be no good for the zombie apocalypse he is envisioning.
I used a blend of wvo and high octane gasoline in an emergency once in my Mercedes 616 to get me 5-10 miles down the road to the nearest station with diesel, when my lying fuel gauge stranded me on a long lonely stretch on I-95 at midnight. I had a quart of oil, a junk thermos in the trunk, and a credit card, so I was able to walk to a closed station with high octane and bring it back to my car and mix up a little over a quart of the stuff. I started with all the oil and kept adding gasoline until it felt like diesel between my fingers. It is worth mentioning that I used high octane gas, because it ignites at a higher compression and, theoretically, will make your mix less likely to pre-ignite in the diesel engine.

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