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This Weekend on - March 22nd-23rd 2014


Weekend Edition, March 22-23, 2014

The Evil of NATO

Pat Buchanan on pulling us into more wars.

More Butchery

Will Israel join the US war on Syria? Article by Eric Margolis.

Debt and Taxes

What appears to sustain the country now will be our undoing, says Peter Schiff.

War Drums Along the Potamac

David Swanson on the chickenhawks.

Go for Gold

Alasdair Macleod on the Ukrainian implications.

Lethal Lemons

Eric Peters on GM.

Neocon Scheme

Robert Parry on their Ukraine-Syria-Iran gambit.

Do You Ever Doubt the Big Pharma, FDA Line?

Then you’re a terrible person, say the media. Article by Daisy Luther.

10 Greatest Works of Art Ever?

Not quite, but see what you think.

An Aspirin a Day?

No way.

How Well Do You Know Shakespeare’s Words?

Take the quiz.

How Do Humans Smell?

Better than expected (or we would, if it weren’t for showers and refrigerators).


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