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10 Diabolical Spy Weapons

•, By Nathan Willey
In the 1940s, the OSS developed an explosive device called “the Mole.” It was also ironically known as “Casey Jones,” a reference to the famous train engineer who prevented the deaths of his passengers in a serious train crash. The Mole used a photoelectric cell that charged during the day and then reacted to sudden darkness to set off an explosive. It was designed to be attached to a critical joint on enemy train cars and automatically detonate when the train passed into a tunnel.
Disabling a train inside a tunnel would do more than just damage the train itself—it would cut off supply lines for days while the wreckage was removed. The Mole could also be used with any kind of explosive detonated by an electric charge, making it a very versatile weapon. According to interviews, the Mole had an official-looking warning label threatening heavy legal penalties enforced by the Third Reich Railroad Consortium if it was removed.

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