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Sean Hannity Advocates Attacking Iran NOW!

•, pawnstorm12
 He's advocating an Israeli/U.S. attack in Iran NOW!

But what Hannity never says (maybe he doesn't even know it) is that the last time Iran attacked another country was in 1798.

They don't have a history of aggression (unlike us and Israel), so it's most likely that if the did have a nuke, they would use it only to NOT BE ATTACKED by countries like us.

They saw what happened to Iraq and know that if Iraq had had a nuke, you can be sure Bush and his warmongers wouldn't have attacked them.

I think it's time for Hannity to have a few more snowballs come his way.

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Comment by Temper Bay
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Sean Hannity Advocates Attacking Iran NOW!

Of course he shouts for war - but only so long as HE doesn't have to face the enemy's guns.  Cowards like Hannity are a waste of clean air.