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Why Dianne Feinstein Can’t Control the CIA

• theamericanconservative, By Philip Giraldi
 Government bureaucracies, like many private sector businesses, are initially created in response to a perceived need either to do something or provide a service. The Department of Defense in its current incarnation rose out of the developing Cold War in the post-Second World War environment, while the CIA was created to prevent a second Pearl Harbor. But as bureaucracies mature they become less and less connected to their founding principles as circumstances change and they fail to adapt. They then go into a self-defense mode that makes maintaining jobs, budgets, and political turf in Washington their top priority. This compulsion to protect equities is the reason we are currently hearing of alleged CIA spying on a largely disengaged Senate committee in an attempt to forestall any accountability for torture and rendition policies that many believe to be war crimes.

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Comment by max oliver
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BAGHDAD / translation Baghdadi News .. directed federal jury in Sacramento in the U.S. state of California charged with providing support to a foreign terrorist organization . According Mazkrth , on Thursday, the U.S. newspaper The Daily Star .

U.S. Tawsnd Nicholas was arrested at the Canadian border and the impact of having a criminal complaint against him over the past week as announced indictment that Tawsnd a U.S. citizen tried to join al-Qaeda in Iraq, which is now called the name of the organization of the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant .

The maximum penalty for this type of crime in the United States amounting to a prison term of 15 years plus a fine of up to U.S. $ 250 000

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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The real question should be, why hasn't this creature been arrested and charged with treason and conspiracy to commit treason?

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