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How small is too small? Japanese home is just 3 meters wide

•, By Adam Williams
One might fairly guess that a house with a total width of 3 meters (10 ft) would be pushing things too far, but Imai House, by architectural firm Katsutoshi Sasaki and Associates, offers a good argument to the contrary. The home is also an example of how apparently too-small inner-city plots can be put to good use.
Imai House is located in the city of Okazaki, Japan, and was completed in 2013. The plot measures just 3 x 21 m (10 x 68 ft), of which the two-story house takes up the entire width, and most of its length. To put that into perspective, the width of the house is roughly equivalent to the length of an average American family car.

The exterior of the home is very simple and when viewed from the front looks rather like the Monolith depicted in Arthur C. Clarke's Space Odyssey series – albeit in white.

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