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Festo mimics bird wings with new wind energy harvester

•, Travis Andrews
 After all, birds flap their wings to gain enough power to move through the air, so it only makes sense that we would imitate them. Now, while a bird propels itself, the DualWingGenerator remains in place, gathering kinetic energy from airflow. Wind pushes the wings up and down, which turns a belt inside the device, creating a rotary movement, which is then converted into electricity by an electric motor inside the generator.
One of the main problems with wind energy has always been the fact that wind isn't constant. Sometimes it’s strong, sometimes it's weak, and sometimes it's non-existent. The DualWingGenerator is self-optimizing, though, and it can be used in a variety of wind conditions. Even at wind speeds as low as four meters per second, it will efficiently crank out energy. It does so by adjusting the frequency, amplitude, and angle of wing flapping. And much like an airliner’s wings, the generator's wings will bend with the wind to offer the most appealing angle for gulping up large quantities of wind, and thus energy.

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