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Upsee allows disabled children to walk with their parents

•, By Antonio Pasolini
 She was faced with the challenge of walking with her son Rotem, who has cerebral palsy and cannot use his legs by himself. Helping her two-year-old move around unaided proved to be a very difficult task, prompting Debby to search for a solution. Now, the system she created for him has become a commercial product that could improve the lives of children suffering from motor impairments around the world.

Called Upsee, the product is being manufactured by Irish company Leckey, and marketed by its postural care brand Firely. Upsee consists of three parts – a harness for the child; a belt for the adult, to which the harness gets attached; and special sandals, which allow the parent and child to step simultaneously, freeing their hands and creating a much more stable, varied and stimulating walking experience.

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A wonderful human interest story.  Thank You, Freedonsphoenix Four!