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A Multi-Faceted Approach to Post-Disaster Information Gathering

•, by D.C.
  I have recently been discussing the issue of post-disaster information gathering with many Christian/Patriot/Prepper friends of mine. We came to the consensus that while information on this specific topic is widely available, it is scattered around in different places, and we have not seen one definitive source that covers all the bases of effective information gathering. It is my intention to write this article in a way that a person that is anywhere on their prepper journey may glean something from it, whether they be new to this mindset or a veteran. This is not intended to be an in-depth technical article but rather a "how to" guide regarding multi-faceted information gathering.

 There are many ways that information can be gathered and disseminated in a post-disaster environment. It has been my observation that most folks in prepping circles are aware of this, but we as human beings have a tendency toward tunnel vision on some things and ignore others. This is often to our detriment. Information gathering takes many forms and goes beyond the technology involved. By our nature, we, preppers, like to focus on mechanical, technical, and logistical solutions to problems. These are all important things, but it also means that we may inadvertently compartmentalize our thinking, and thus we don't really see the big picture.

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