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Andra’s motion focus system opens up new creative possibilities for filmmakers

•, By Loz Blain
  It’s like an incredibly advanced and configurable autofocus system for large sensor cameras with wide aperture lenses – and it’s already creating some beautiful footage that would be ridiculously hard to capture manually.
Why is focusing so difficult on high end cameras?

Large sensor cameras, wide aperture lenses and high-definition video have made focusing a pain in the butt. Just try to follow a moving subject at f/1.2 on a DSLR and you’ll know what I mean. Autofocus has worked pretty well on camcorders for decades now, but those camcorders can’t deliver the depth of field and lens choices filmmakers are demanding.

What’s more, 1080p is no longer considered high definition. We’re moving towards a 4K capture standard. Getting images in focus is going to be harder and more important than ever – and it’s not something you can fix in post production.

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