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Venezuelan President Condemns U.S. Support to Domestic Opposition

•, Prensa Latina
 In exclusive statements to The Guardian, President Maduro denounced the destabilizing actions carried out by opposition forces and said they will not destroy the Bolivarian Revolution.

"They are trying to sell to the world the idea that the protests are some of sort of Arab spring," he said. "But in Venezuela, we have already had our spring: our revolution that opened the door to the 21st century".

Maduro blamed the opposition of promoting violence and harming the development of the country to justify a foreign intervention.

Maduro said that his country is currently facing an "unconventional war that the US has perfected over the last decades", citing a string of US-backed coups or attempted coups from 1960s Brazil to Honduras in 2009, including that organized against Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in 2002

He stressed that, despite denying its involvement in subversive activities, the real interest of the U.S. administration is seizing Venezuelan oil.

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