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10 Secret Societies That Created The Modern World

•, By Alan Boyle
Yes. Yes, it is. And yet there have been secret organizations that created the world as we know it.

10 The Carbonari

After Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, the European powers had to decide what to do with the territory that he’d ruled as part of the First French Empire. The borders of Europe were redrawn at the Congress of Vienna, mainly decided by Great Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Napoleon had conquered Italy in 1805, and when the Congress signed their Final Act in June 1815, Italy had been nicely carved up. Austria got a chunk of the north, while the rest was splintered into a number of small states.

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Why bother with a reconstruction of the dreams of ancient megalomaniacs ?? Look around and observe the pattern within today's society.

The New World Order is not a nebulous dream without documentation. It is a project that has been bragged about and is being implemented to a great degree by the same people who do the bragging. And it gets its funding from the most colossal swindle pulled on the world. Ref. FUNDING THE NEW WORLD ORDER

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John Scura, interviewed by John B. Wells, on Caravan to Midnight, Episode 35

Who, exactly, is behind it all?

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