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Navy Destroyers - Now with Drone Technology

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The newest destroyer in the United States Navy utilizes stealth technology, packs a powerful punch and can carry out many functions without human input. As the first of a new class of destroyer, the U.S.S. Zumwalt is designed for a wide range of missions. Attacking onshore targets is a focus of the new class of Naval weapon. Typical destroyers have a crew of around 300 crew members. This new vessel will have a complement of just 150. Under extreme conditions, the ship can carry out a complete mission with just 40 people on board. Wade Knudson, who heads the Zumwalt project for Raytheon, said "Most UAVs [unmanned aerial vehicles] are a few million dollars. This is a $5 billion UAV." The new destroyer is 600-feet long, and weighs more than 14,500 tons. Stealth technology gives the ship a radar signature the same size as a fishing boat. Deckhouses and hangers for the new destroyer are angled, like a B-2 stealth bomber, and are covered in a composite material.

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