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Four Women Doing Fine After Getting Vagina Implants Made From Their Own Cells

So. Yes. A team of doctors is reporting that they grew vaginas in a lab and implanted them in four girls who had underdeveloped vaginas and uteruses because of a rare genetic condition. This is the first time anybody has reported growing vaginas in lab for human patients. About seven years after their initial surgeries, the girls are grown up and doing well. Two of the four could theoretically have children, although neither has reported yet she is pregnant, the BBC reports

The vaginas sound wonderfully personalized, as the BBC reports. Doctors took scans of each girl's pelvis, then built biodegradable scaffolds to fit each girl. They took biopsies from each girl, then grew those cells in lab, coaxing muscle cells to grow on the outside of their scaffolds and epithelial cells to grow on the inside of their scaffolds. Annual biopsies since the implants show that the women have normal vaginal walls. The women also report they have normal levels of "desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and painless intercourse," researchers reported in their paper.

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