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'I didn't Lose Weight and my Bathroom Trips were Like Clockwork'

•, By Sadie Whitelocks
 A mother-of-two convinced her family to go sugar-free for an entire year and reveals the outcome of the diet experiment in a new book.

Eve Schaub, 43, from Vermont, writes in her upcoming tome, Year Of No Sugar, that one of the first things she noticed was that she ‘pooped like freaking Swiss watch’ – a sign that her body was ‘working better than before’.

Meanwhile shopping trips with her husband Stephen and two young daughters, Greta and Ilsa, proved a nightmare as they discovered ‘the white stuff’ was pumped into everything from sausages to crackers and even out of 200 varieties of bread only two were unsweetened.

Mrs Schaub told MailOnline that she became an expert in reading food labels and discovered that there were ’50 hidden names’ for sugar including ‘diastatic malt’, ‘refiners syrup’ and ‘mannitol’.

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