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Washington Drives The World To War


Washington’s plan to grab Ukraine overlooked that the Russian and Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine were not likely to go along with their insertion into the EU and NATO while submitting to the persecution of Russian speaking peoples.  Washington has lost Crimea, from which Washington intended to eject Russia from its Black Sea naval base. Instead of admitting that its plan for grabbing Ukraine has gone amiss, Washington is unable to admit a mistake and, therefore, is pushing the crisis to more dangerous levels.

If Ukraine dissolves into secession with the former Russian territories reverting to Russia, Washington will be embarrassed that the result of its coup in Kiev was to restore the Russian provinces of Ukraine to Russia.  To avoid this embarrassment, Washington is pushing the crisis toward war.

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Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate Power

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All wars are bankers wars.  "They" need a war, to distract the U.S. population from the bad economy which "they" caused in the first place, or to blame for the bad economy.  (Prescott Bush was in banking. George H.W. Bush was in Oil. There is a connection between banking and oil. J.D. Rockefeller (Rothschild-agent in the U.S., using Rothschild funds) was in Railroads, Oil, and Banking). Many oil corporations are owned by International Central Bankers, who are also behind the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the CIA, AIPAC, the Pentagon, and U.S. Foreign Policy.

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John Scura, interviewed by John B. Wells, on Caravan to Midnight, Episode 35

Who, exactly, is behind it all? Remember, International Central Bankers are at, or very near the top, of the Secret Society network, globally.

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