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Bundy Ranch: The Nevada Constitution and Neo-Slavery

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Former Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Michael Badnarik joins Gary Franchi to discuss the Bundy Ranch Federal Standoff and analyze the Nevada Constitution's wording that may surprise you.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The reason why the Nevada Constitution is absolutely correct has to do with, who is the Federal government?

Imagine a garbage collector in Washington D.C., working for the Federal Government, and riding around in his garbage truck. Most of us can envision the duties of a garbage collector.

Now imagine that this garbage collector (who works for the federal Government) orders BLM back into the Bundy ranch area, and tells BLM to start rounding up the Bundy herd again. And let's say that he tells BLM to do it by force, to fire upon the ranchers and the militia. Should he be obeyed? Remember, he's just a garbage collector.

The point is, when and if the people in the Federal Government act according to the requirements and duties of their position in Government, only then will the activities they order be activities of the Federal Government. And when that happens, that is the time the lines in the Nevada Constitution that Gary and Michael pointed out will be applicable. Those lines are not applicable to people in the federal Government who are not acting within the authority of their position in Government.

What you have is a whole lot of Fed Gov people acting in ways that are not allowed to them. And they are patting themselves on the back, encouraging each other on in their illegal activity, and stating that they are doing it in the name of the Federal Government. They are lying, and because they are lying, the supposed pro-statist words in the Nevada Constitution do not apply to them and what they are doing. In essence, these Federal Government and BLM people acting treasonously and criminally. The Nevada constitution does not support them.

Get the word out. It is BLM who are the criminals, just because of this!

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