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Modular design puts picnic cutlery in your pocket

•, By David Szondy
One of the biggest problems with eating on the hiking trail or even negotiating your way through some takeaway is the choice of eating utensils. True, there’s always the cheap disposable plastic cutlery to fall back on, but they barely hold up to one meal and using them on the Yorkshire Moors is scarcely eco-friendly.
There are other alternatives, from the ubiquitous set of stamped metal knife, fork, and spoon that never stay hooked together or are impossible to work apart, and the marvelous workmanship of pocket knives and multitools complete with folding fork and spoon. Though, unless they’re designed to disassemble, these make it impossible to switch from one to the other without a folding ballet – not to mention that the set tends to catch on things and taste suspiciously of pocket lint.

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