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Raising Up Compliant Children in the American Police State

•, By John W. Whitehead
 Key them up with constant danger alerts, distract them with wall-to-wall news coverage about disappearing planes and pseudo-celebrities, use blockbuster movies and violent video games to hype them up on military tactics, and then while they’re distracted and numb to all that is taking place around them, indoctrinate their young people to your way of thinking, by way of the public schools.
As I show in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, far from being bastions of free speech, today’s public schools are microcosms of the world beyond the schoolhouse gates, and increasingly, it’s a world hostile to freedom. Indeed, within America’s public schools can be found almost every aspect of the American police state that plagues those of us on the “outside.” In this way, young people in America are first in line to be transformed into compliant citizens of the new American police state.

Zero tolerance policies, which punish all offenses severely, no matter how minor, condition young people to steer clear of doing anything that might be considered out of line, whether it’s pointing their fingers like a gun, drawing on their desks, or chewing their gum too loudly.

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