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Should Opinions Be Illegal? The Donald Sterling Scandal

•, By Shane Kastler
 I also suspect many of the young black athletes he employees are rich, arrogant jerks who have unfavorable views towards those different from them. Arrogance is not limited to any particular race. However in America today, arrogance from a “minority” is completely acceptable. While arrogance from a white person might cost them their livliehood.
With all of that said, let me offer word of caution to the media and all who (in typical fashion) have blown the Sterling scandal out of proportion. Who cares if Donald Sterling is a racist? It’s unfortunate. It might be nice if his views changed. But in the end, who cares? And why on earth would the media be so enamored with the story anyway? And furthermore, why should a black person care for one second what Donald Sterling thinks of them? He’s obviously willing to shell out millions upon millions to pay black athletes to play for his team. If he’s such a racist, then why would he not employee white players only? Answer, because he’s smart enough to know who will win ballgames and make money for his organization. Which leads me to another question.

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