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Saroléa's exquisite all-carbon SP7 electric superbike

•, By Loz Blain
 And the bike is an absolute beauty: 180 horsepower, 200 kilograms, 400 Nm of torque (!). The Saroléa racing bike features carbon fiber just about everywhere, including the frame, subframe, swingarm and even cable guides – and it sports an old-school Norton factory racer kind of look with its vintage bikini fairing, tank and seat designs.

This week I've been riding about on an electric motorcycle that weighs about 180 kg and has 70 horsepower and 144Nm of torque (review video coming soon). That bike felt seriously fast – it took off like an rocket at the lights and really stretched your arms out in a way I didn't expect.

The experience made one thing clear to me – the pace of development in electric motorcycles is absolutely frenzied. They're catching up to petrol bikes at light speed, and in some ways they're already better. I have no hesitation in saying I now believe within 10 years, electric bikes will be so much better than petrol bikes that there simply won't be any argument.

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