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Man’s Las Vegas Casino Winnings Confiscated by Police Without any Criminal Charges

 After a successful run at the casinos in Las Vegas, a man carrying a large sum of cash fell victim to a thieving police officer on his way back to California.  Without charging him with a crime or even giving him a speeding ticket, the cop seized 50,000 and let him go.  This practice of highway robbery is perfectly legal.

Tan Nguyen was the lucky gambler who was stopped along I-80 in Humboldt County.  Nguyen was stopped by Deputy Lee Dove for only going 3 miles per hour above the posted speed limit.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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What else would you expect from any of these corporate criminal thugs with a gun, badge and 007 license. They are all murdering criminal thugs that will rob and plunder even their own mother if they they can get a dollar or promotion out of the deal.

Good work you guys. Hitler would be proud.

Comment by Ed Price
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Here might be a good start-up for a group of Bitcoin miners who have bitcoins to sell. Set up a "check cashing" store nest to the casinos. You know the kind, the ones with the big, 6-inch thick bullet-proof glass windows. When folks bring in their cash winnings, you simply - for a fee - send them some bitcoins to the Bitcoin address of their choice in trade for the cash.