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Stefan Molyneux takes a shot at sociopaths once again, hits the ball out of the park...

•, by bastu
One of my favorites goes at John Stewart and all other partisans and hits the nail on the head. Politics isn't about ideas, ethics and morals. It's about the blue team and the red team pushing it further up the *** more and more every day, all the while doing that they line their own pockets and the pockets of their friends.
Now I'm going to take a shot at our "dear friend" Rand and say that he is doing exactly this right now. He is playing a game, a game in which there are no winners. His father did it right in trying to educate you, the public. Ron's son REALLY WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT, I mean, REALLY, WANTS, TO, BE, PRESIDENT. So he plays the game, as some call it, not educating, he is in one of the teams pushing the pole so far up your *** that you can't even see it anymore. This is not what we need. And even if he is whole hearted in his push for a liberty president what good will it do if the people aren't educated? Please answer me what good Rand will be able to do if most people aren't liberty minded. I'll tell you; we will have a new president in 4 years, because he wont get ANYTHING DONE and be a miserable failure, and a mindset of "Liberty failed" sets in the general public. Say hello to more NSA, more cronyism, more groping at the airport and other travel agencies.

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