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The Culture of Seed Rape

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Forcibly mixing genes through genetic engineering to create patented mutations is the epitome of rape, and the result is a shattered ecological system. As for the replacement “life?” Well, it may not be life as we know it at all.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Adam and Eve were made with a perfect set of genes, by God. After they voluntarily agreed to make the Devil - in the form of the serpent - their new leader - by listening and agreeing with him to eat the fruit, they changed. Not only did this agreement almost get them destroyed right on the spot, not only did it cause God in compassion to formulate and activate the plan of salvation through Jesus, but it also changed the genetics in Adam and Eve.

Nobody knows how much of the genetic change was brought about by direct action of the Devil. Nobody knows how much of it was part of Adam's and Eve's mental action upon themselves - we have seen in other FP articles that people can influence their own genetics through meditation. Whatever happened, flawed genetics came into being.

We have seen that when offspring is conceived, both some of the flawed genes are passed on, and some of the flawed genes are corrected. The point is that in these artificial genetics, nobody will really know how much of the artificial genes will be corrected, and how many of them will be passed on down.

It's a bit like when they made the first atom bombs. There were scientists in those days who thought that possibly the whole atomic thing would spread throughout the world and envelope the whole earth. And while it didn't happen in directly explosive style, it happened in the fact that we see atomic and hydrogen bombs around the world, and nuclear power plants as well.

It is the flawed genetics in scientists that cause them to take such chances. The flaws will never be completely corrected in this universe. It will take a completely new creation, with completely new physics done in a different way, set in place by God, to finally remove the flaws in our genes. Jesus is coming soon to do this.

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