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Glenn Greenwald: from Martin Luther King to Anonymous...

•, Glenn Greenwald

В A prime justification for surveillance – that it's for the benefit of the population – relies on projecting a view of the world that divides citizens into categories of good people and bad people. In that view, the authorities use their surveillance powers only against bad people, those who are "doing something wrong", and only they have anything to fear from the invasion of their privacy. This is an old tactic. In a 1969 Time magazine article about Americans' growing concerns over the US government's surveillance powers, Nixon's attorney general, John Mitchell, assured readers that "any citizen of the United States who is not involved in some illegal activity has nothing to fear whatsoever".

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From NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by Gary Allen, 1972, page 129: “The issue, very simply, is the enslavement of you and your children. Just because so many of these INSIDERS are theoretically Americans, don’t think they will spare this country the terror they have brought to thirty others through their hired Communist thugs. To the INSIDERS, the world is their country and their only loyalty is to themselves and their fellow conspirators. Being an American means no more to them than being an honorary citizen of Bali would mean to you. It has not bothered their consciences one iota that millions of your fellow human beings have been murdered, including 50,000 of your own sons in Vietnam. In order to solidify their power in the United States they will need to do here the same thing they have done in other countries. They will establish and maintain their dictatorship through stark terror. [Note: Think JFK, MLK, and RFK Assassinations and 9/11] The terror does not end with the complete takeover of the Republic. Rather, then terror just begins….for total, all encompassing terror is an absolute necessity to keep a dictatorship in power. And terror does not mean merely punishing the enemies of the New [World] Order. Terror requires the murdering and imprisoning of people at random…even many of those who helped them come to power.” At random…You cannot escape the terror, by simply ignoring it. It WILL affect you, somehow, some way, at some point in time. So, what are you going to DO about it?

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The System we currently live under is called FASCISM, or more correctly, CORPORATISM: (whereby EVERYTHING is financialized, and corporatized, for the benefit of the 1% (and their pencil-pushers) who wear suits and ties, and PRODUCE NOTHING OF ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER TO HUMANITY, who have two stated primary goals: 1) The IMF debt enslavement of every human being, and country across the globe, and 2) Global depopulation. THAT is their end-game, their ultimate goal: A new "Golden Age" presided over, by those 1%-ers who remain, and a vastly reduced global population of slaves to work THEIR global plantation. Why We Must Fight the New World Order 50 WAYS TO STARVE THE BEAST http://www.theorganicprepper.c... Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can't Afford the Future Be sure to read the 'comments' section which follow the (above) articles.

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