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Welcome to Nulandistan...

•, By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Predominately peaceful Ukrainian citizens opposing the coup leaders and not "armed separatists" ВВ have been the main target of the regimes militias.

The discourse about "pro-Russian" separatists is a misleading attempt to hide the real nature of the protests against the regime, which is opposition to a coup. The main issue is one of anti-coup protesters versus a junta and not separatists and federalists versus Kiev. To refer to the junta in Kiev as the government of Ukraine is to reject or ignore its illegality.

Welcome toВ UkraineВ Nulandistan

Wherever the US government says it is promoting democracy and freedom, as US Assistant-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland professes about Ukraine, there has been destruction, impoverishment, sectarianism, fighting, and death.ВВ Welcome to post-coup Ukraine or Nulandistan.

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