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Report: Food Prices Skyrocket: “We’re Going to Have a Major Problem Coming Into the Fall”


Consumers are quickly running out of money, home sales have collapsed and hit their biggest drop in three years, there are more Americans out of the labor force than ever before, and one third of adults under the age of 35 are living with their parents because they can no longer afford to pay their own mortgage.

By all accounts, the reality is that we are now factually in a recession, a point further emphasized by the recent revelation that American companies are experiencing near zero percent earnings growth.

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The System we currently live under is called FASCISM, or more correctly, CORPORATISM: (whereby EVERYTHING is financialized, and corporatized, for the benefit of the 1% (and their pencil-pushers) who wear suits and ties, and PRODUCE NOTHING OF ANY VALUE WHATSOEVER TO HUMANITY, who have two stated primary goals: 1) The IMF debt enslavement of every human being, and country across the globe, and 2) Global depopulation. THAT is their end-game, their ultimate goal: A new "Golden Age" presided over, by those 1%-ers who remain, and a vastly reduced global population of slaves to work THEIR global plantation. Why We Must Fight the New World Order 50 WAYS TO STARVE THE BEAST http://www.theorganicprepper.c... Let's Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can't Afford the Future Be sure to read the 'comments' section which follow the (above) articles.