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The Lesson of Eugenics: “Perfection” Taken Too Far


The era of cheap housing may finally be upon us. In China, the private firm WinSun is using 3D printers to produce up to 10 houses a day. Thanks to the decreased labor cost and cheapness of material, these abodes only cost $5,000. That may seem overly cheap, and the raw substances used in constructing the homes might be of dubious quality, but this could be a major breakthrough in providing liveable shelter for the poor. Its a start for the Third World – and as the nascent technology develops, it could become a reality in industrialized countries. Computer programming is not only transforming our world, but its giving us the ability to personalize and customize our lives in never-before-thought-of ways. But when does this technology become too much and alter the human experience negatively? What happens when the process is irreversible?

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