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The CMP: America's Civilian Armory

•, by Uncle Mike

ï»Here are a few alleged faults: No detachable magazine, obsolete, too heavy, and limited magazine capacity. I think that these perceived disadvantages can be actual advantages. It has no magazines to lug around. It is easily obtainable, especially from the CMP, with sturdy construction, and a great set of sights. Also this rifle is cost effective and reliable with available ammo. The 30-06 is one of the most popular cartridges.

An eight shot clip may not be ideal in today’s climate of unlimited ammo for military. Unlike the military, civilians don’t have a supply line or unlimited ammunition. The clip has advantages. First, it’s semi-indestructible. Run over it with your truck and you’ll probably get a flat tire. In the prone position, there’s no longer a magazine protruding from the receiver. You don’t have to lug around a bunch of empty magazines. With some simple manipulation the internal magazine can be topped off. Just pull back the slide. Partially eject the clip, and then place a few rounds in the clip. It’s not easy, at first, but it can be done, easily. When you learn to operate your rifle, correctly. Like loading, 8 plus 2 rounds for a match, string of ten. Place the empty clip in the magazine well; then place two rounds on the follower and close the action.

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