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Five of the best: Red Bull stunts

•, By Loz Blain

For every logo you see on a can of energy drink, there must be another five plastered on screaming Formula One cars, upside-down motorcycles, stunt planes and skateboards. Red Bull almost single-handedly created the energy drink market we know today, piggybacking on the rise of extreme sports to get its brand out there ... and delivering some truly memorable marketing stunts along the way. Here's our five favorites.

Twenty-six years ago, Austrian marketing executive Dietrich Mateschitz stumbled upon a syrupy tonic drink in Thailand that was used by locals as a pick-me-up. Despite being told that nobody liked the flavor, the logo, or the "Red Bull" brand he slapped on it, he ran with it, turning it into a massive global success and more or less creating the bustling energy drinks market we know today.

Today, Forbes estimates Mateschitz's net worth at around US$9 billion dollars – and the Red Bull logo is now absolutely ubiquitous, splashed across just about everything fast, exciting or dangerous.

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