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Putin Post-Mortem: "Unipolar Model Of World Is Over... Give Us Our Money"

•, by Tyler Durden

Vladimir Putin has concluded his lengthy interview having covered everything from "the end of the unipolar model of the world" - i.e. de-dollarization - to US and Europe's responsibility for Ukraine's "full-scale civil war." The Russian leader noted that he's "trying to help Ukraine" but following the loans from the IMF asks "where's our money?" and warned that US sanctions have had little effect on the Russian economy but will have a boomerang effect. The following distills his 120 minute discussion... Putin "expects common sense to prevail."


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Comment by Ed Price
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The thing that isn't clear in this article is, the particular type of anarchy.

There is natural anarchy, where nature is the organizer of life, and people are free. Often this is called anarchy.

Then there is Government anarchy, where nature is partially displaced by Government. What this does is to allow Government people freedom - as nature would have it anyway - while often totally removing freedom from those who are under the thumb of free Government people - totally against the way nature would have it.

Comment by Ed Price
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Just remember. Russia has not changed in its goals of communistic socialism (socialistic communism?). The only thing that has changed is the tactics and strategies.

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