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Brit becomes X-Men villain Pyro, uses new mutant powers to make toast

•, Colin Druce-McFadden
Emulating the X-Men villain Pyro, Furze has fashioned himself a pair of flame-throwing gauntlets that shoot flames as far as 12 feet into the air. The backpack-sized rig itself looks pretty safe and reliable (as flamethrowers go), but since Furze already holds a record for building massive bonfires, we could actually be witnessing the birth of a super villain.

Fueled by propane, the Pyro suit first fills a metal reservoir up with gas and, at the flick of the wrist, unleashes its flammable payload in one quick burst. On his other hand, Furze has rigged up a pilot light. When the gas is released at a high enough velocity from the reservoir, the flames are actually incapable burning the fuel fast enough to head back up the fuel stream and turning Furze into a flaming ball of fiery death. Considering that Furze has actually lit his arm on fire with one of his past inventions, we're sure he acutely appreciates how safe his new rig is.

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