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The Dead End Roads to Manhood

•, by Brett

For the last few months we have been delving deeply into the nature of manhood – its origins, historical imperatives, and standing in the modern world.

First we explored the fundamental tenets of the ancient code of manhood, and demonstrated that in 99% of cultures around the world, in every age up until the present, a male who wished to be considered a man had to strive to protect, procreate, and provide. In so doing we uncovered the perhaps surprising fact that a concern about being manly is far from uniquely Western or modern; not only is the code of manhood timeless and universal, but so is men's desire to keep it and to earn the title of man. Manhood has been a goal for almost every man since the dawn of humanity.

We then established that far from being merely a cultural construct, manhood has its roots in the unique, biological characteristics of males. The imperatives assigned to men are designed to fulfill collective needs, but men are chosen and drawn to these particular missions because of their innate traits, predispositions, and drives. Cultures seek to channel men's biological potentialities towards service to the greater good.

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