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Are Doctors Wrong About Saturated Fats?

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Most doctors and health professionals advice people to reduce saturated fats in their diets. But, could they all be wrong? Nina Teicholz is a journalist, who worked for a time as a food critic. Despite a diet rich in saturated fats, the writer lost 10 pounds during her assignment. Her cholesterol levels also remained at a steady, healthy concentration. This led her to being an investigation into saturated fats and the role they play in human health. Now, she has released a book about her findings. The description of the work reads, "What if the very foods we've been denying ourselves -- the creamy cheeses, the sizzling steaks -- are themselves the key to reversing the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease?"

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Comment by Ed Price
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The China Study

There are two books and a book report that I would like to talk about below. Book number one was compiled mostly back in the 1970’s and some in the 1980’s. It reported on the eating habits and records of 6500 Chinese in 65 different counties of China. The name is The China Study. It was very thorough and exhaustive in so far as it just reported the study and the results. It has 890 pages and it just gives the facts as to what the Chinese eat and how that relates to their health and their deaths.

Book number two is a 350 page book that was written By T. Colin Campbell, PhD, about the earlier larger book mentioned above. Campbell is highly accredited medical doctor with 300 research papers, and a professorship in Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornel University. He named his book the same name The China Study. In writing his book Campbell didn’t make any copies of any passages from the first book. He only told about the various studies described in the first book. That made it easy to lie by leaving out all the details. As Campbell’s book, more than any other single book, is responsible for thousands of people becoming vegetarians and vegans, I’ll point out the obvious points where he has told untruths by simply lying and/or leaving out the facts.


There is a wealth of info at the above, comment link that shows all kinds of things about how we are being lied to about what is good, general nutrition, and what is not.

Another good link is The info at this site shows that much of the benefit of alkalinity over acidity is completely irrelevant regarding our health.

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