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WWII Atrocities Forgotten

•, By Jack D. Douglas

Those were supreme acts of treason.

As you must also know, FDR et al. forced the Russian soldiers in Nazi POW camps in the areas they controlled to return to Russia even though they knew Stalin would have them killed as traitors, for surrendering or being captured.

FDR had also before the war refused to let Jews escaping from the Nazis land in the U.S. and refused to listen seriously to the evidence of the death camps.

He had Japanese Americans rounded  up and sent to prisons in the country to do slave labor farm work.

The U.S. and U.K. bombed and burned every city in Germany and Japan.

The U.S. incinerated the mothers and children going to school with nuclear weapons….

Some piece of work, as they say.

Some kind of "Liberators."

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