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'Organic' and 'GMOs' matter – but not as much as you think

 In an article for the New York Times, Bittman argues that the terms 'organic' and 'GMOs' (genetically modified organisms) are too often oversimplified and overused, to the detriment of the food movement.

While eating organic food is definitely a better option than not, it's an unrealistic expectation that all industrial agriculture will eventually switch over to organic production and that organic food will become the norm. That's just not going to happen, especially if the planet is expected to support 9 billion eaters by 2050. Nor does it have to, since "reducing the overload of synthetic chemicals and drugs" and improving the entire agricultural system does not require 'going organic'.

GMOs are another complicated issue, and Bittman makes the controversial statement that they're not as big a deal as most people think. He writes:

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