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The NSA Claims It Is "Too Big to Comply" With A Court Order

•, Tyler Durden
The mega banks are "Too Big to Fail," multi-national corporations are "Too Big to Pay Taxes" and the government is just "Too Big to be Useful." The rule of law no longer exists in America (remember Jon Corzine), which in turn means there is no longer a functioning society. This may not be obvious to most people at the moment, but it will become painfully clear to everyone in time unless these trends are reversed.

The specific incident I have chosen to highlight to demonstrate this point today relates to the NSA's claim that it cannot comply with a court order because it's essentially too complex and compliance will damage "national security."

Of course, any mature civilization exposed to the unconstitutional activities of its intelligence agencies should find such a claim extraordinarily suspect. After all, the NSA can just shout "national security" and do absolutely anything it wants unless we collectively grow a pair and say no.

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