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Oculus Game Lucky's Tale Will Blow Your Mind


Oculus still hasn't said anything about when it plans to ship the consumer version of its virtual reality headset. But it's already working with game developers to show off some real games — not tech demos, but actual consumer products it's developing as first-party software for the Rift. One of them is Lucky's Tale, created by Playful, the new studio started by Paul Bettner, co-creator of Words With Friends.

So imagine a Mario 64-style third-person cartoony run-and-jump platformer game. Now imagine that the Oculus take on this is not that you are seeing every vomit-inducing jump and roll from Mario's eyes, but that you're just hanging out watching as Mario does all this stuff. You're in there with him, controlling his moves, but you're on the sidelines. And by moving your head around you can get better views of the action.

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