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Road Pirates and Prohibition Profiteers...

•, By William Norman Grig

When a man calling himself "Dustin Hankins" showed up at the 45th Parallel, a medical marijuana co-op in Ontario, Oregon, the staff received him in good faith. "Hankins," who had made a 70-mile trip across the state line from Boise, presented an Idaho driver's license and paperwork from his doctor claiming that he suffered from severe pain as a result of a work-related shoulder separation. He had previously contacted the clinic by telephone to find out how he could obtain medicinal marijuana.

Once "Hankins" had arrived at the clinic the staff inspected his documents and filled out the necessary paperwork for him to receive an Oregon Medical Marijuana Program card. A staffer named John Turner explained the importance of complying with Oregon regulations before "Hankins" could obtain medicinal marijuana. Once all of the legal details were in order, "Hankins" paid $165 to purchase a small amount of a cannabis strain called "Super Lemon Haze."

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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When it mentioned road pirates, I thought they were talking about the corporate thugs with a gun, badge and 007 license. More dangerous then your typical street thug.