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Sin City: 'Vegas Shooters' Had Relationship with Nevada Police...

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The seemingly adrenaline fueled ambush which took place just five miles northeast of the strip on Sunday at CiCi's pizzeria later spilled over into a nearby Walmart, as officers who arrived on scene fired on both suspects after the Millers exchanged gunfire with an armed citizen. A large amount of America still finds it difficult to even discuss anomalies surrounding recent shootings such as Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater, LAX airport shooting, the Tuscon shooting, or the less than a month old Isla Vista theatrical campus rampage. The recent video footage from Walmart looks highly suspect as there was no muzzle flash or recoil, this prompted the police department to admit they shot Jerad, later the video then goes dark when Amanda allegedly shoots herself. It should be mentioned that both individuals would have seemingly fired at police side by side, why would one be in front of another while engaged in an apparent firefight with authorities?

Why haven't authorities released all of the CCTV footage to let the public decide for themselves what really took place, are they worried that the rest of the footage doesn't fit into their crafted narrative, like so many other things about the Millers alleged shooting?

Also, how did the Millers gain access to weapons, considering their financial situation and the fact that Jerad was a convicted felon?

These are exactly the kinds of events that have become heavily propagandized and used to distort public perception for a larger agenda, especially when you consider the vitriolic outcry from anti-gun rights groups that have routinely followed so many of these bizarre and unexplained shootings over the years with their polarizing perspective. This brand of politics is directly pushing and pulling at the left/right paradigm and as I've mentioned before, usually the person or persons named as being responsible in an 'active shooter' event are never around to speak to their suspected crimes, as they supposedly take their own lives, are killed by law enforcement or are they taken into custody and drugged like Jared LoughnerJames Holmes, or Sirhan Sirhan, all of whom have shown signs of being under some type of mind manipulation.

Las Vegas Drills & Terror Defense Funds 

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