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California man uses surveillance drone to keep an eye on cops from above

Forty-two-year-old Daniel Saulmon of Torrance, CA has been using a camera-equipped drone of his own during the last month or so to get a bird's-eye-view of area happenings from high above the ground. Coupled with a passion for photographing police activity, Saulmon's unusual hobby has made him well known among local law enforcement officials.

"If there's police activity in my area that's close by, I generally will go and try to record it and document what I see," Saulmon recently told local news network KTLA.

"I don't want to say the police don't supervise themselves, but in a way there might be a little bit of truth to that," he added.

Indeed, from the Rodney King beating more than two decades ago to the massive manhunt law last year for suspected cop killer Chris Dorner, the LAPD has not had an easy time avoiding scandal. Despite ongoing issues pertaining to police brutality and abuse, however, amateur photographers who set out to surveill law enforcement officials in the area have undergone heavy duty harassment in recent years and, as RT reported in the past, have even been considered terrorists according to official LAPD policy.

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