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Susie Madrak: At What Point Do We Shoot The Gun Nuts?

Her screed leaves no doubt that Ms. Madrak is asking when Uncle Sam is going to get the lead out (so to speak) and shoot "gun nuts" (a.k.a, armed opposition to federal overreach). The piece uses our Quote of the Day from Rick Perlstein – "Here is a truth so fundamental that it should be self-evident: When legitimately constituted state authority stands down in the face of armed threats, the very foundation of the republic is in danger" – as her jumping off point . . .

Perlstein doesn't mention the big honkin' elephant in the room: Namely, at what point does the federal government literally go to war with its own citizens? Because we're not talking about bank robbers here, we're talking about (mostly) non-criminal cranks — scofflaws and political malcontents.

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