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Texas Rancher Finds $2M Worth of Weed on His Land, Does the Predictable Thing


Now if this were a movie, the story would go something like this:

The rancher, a cash-strapped but honest man with a pretty wife and an ailing child, collects the plants and—in a tragic choice that would lead to fatal consequences—makes a deal to sell them to his wacky and slightly shady old Army buddy to raise money to pay for his child's operation. But after the deal is made and the rancher gets the cash, everything goes south as the owners of the illegal growing operation (Note: Let's give them some sort of stereotypical border-themed organized crime syndicate name, like, say, "The Juarez Cartel." Yeah, that's a good one…), the cunning "Juarez Cartel," shoot and kill the Army buddy and kidnap the rancher's wife and ailing child, threatening to kill them if the rancher doesn't turn over the money. The now-angry rancher (Note: Chuck Norris is too damn old. Can Dolph Lundgren do a Texas accent?

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