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Race to find human bomb mastermind:

  • Ibrahim Al-Asiri was born into respectable middle class Saudi family
  • He first tried out chilling tactics on willing younger brother, Abdullah
  • In 2010, his devices were found in printer cartridges on US bound plane

  • The hunt is on to find Al-Qaeda's 'evil genius' - an explosives expert believed to be behind a terrifying plot to target trans-Atlantic flights using human bombs.

    Ibrahim Al-Asiri, who has survived numerous assassination attempts, is understood to have perfected a device which can be sewn into a human body making it almost impossible to detect by airport security scanners.

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    Comment by Joe Tittiger
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    They must think we are pretty fuking stupid. Why would they do this when they could much more easily just bomb or shoot up a mall. Or the fuking line to get onto the airplane?

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