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Chemtrails: An eyewitness account in the Arctic Circle

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I've been procrastinating on this subject, but with Nystrom considering re-opening the ark, I feel I'd better get it off my chest now.

I work in the oil & gas industry. This takes me to many faraway places. A few times this year, I have been posted to Alaska and the Northwest Territories, ranging between the 63rd and 67th parallels in various environs. (I'd rather not be specific)

Much to my surprise, there are the so-called 'chemtrails' being 'sprayed' in the Arctic Circle. There are just as many up there as there are in heavy, populated areas with airports and large craft. (Note that I put chemtrails and sprayed in quotes, since I cannot quantify the exact nature of the phenomena, I use the terms merely as context)

There are so many 'chemtrails sprayed' that it forms into the large haze covering the sky, just as it does in populated areas. I should also note that the same familiar grid pattern is used.

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