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Of course, MOTIVE is only the first question you have to ask–Qui bono? Who benefits.

There are LOTS of others which my colleagues–John Moore, Butler Shaffer, and many  more– have been asking and analyzing splendidly.

This could obviously be a Black Flag Pack of Lies by the  U.S. or a series of stupid mistakes–beginning with the U.S. FORCING WAR on the Russians and Ukrainians, some crazy airline routing directly r a war zone with red hot air war going on, etcetc.

As Aristotle would say, there are many causes. The PRIME CAUSE of this mass plane death is the U.S. war against Russia and the ethic Russian-Ukrainians whose democratic government was overthrown in Kiev with U.S. help and are now freedom fighters wanting only to escape the Kiev tyranny,  just like the American Conservative Revolutionaries fighting the tyrannical UK monarch for their British Constitutional  freedoms. All the Russians want at this point is autonomy within a Kiev government. The New Russian freedom fighters will probably accept this at this point, as Putin and Merkel, et al,  have been quietly, desperately trying to get them to do. Kiev will have to stop sounding like King George demanding the hanging of Jefferson, Adams, Washington and all the American leaders.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Nice article, but it totally misses the point. The point is, WHAT DOES ANYBODY DO ABOUT IT? Quoted from the first paragraph in the article: 
"... and all the other wars the U.S is creating worldwide." 
THIS QUOTE IS UTTER AND COMPLETE NONSENSE! The reason nobody ever does anything about it is, ARTICLES LIKE THIS FOCUS ON THE U.S.

Get this into your head once and for all. The U.S. is a fiction. It never does anything. The United States is words on paper - constitutions, statutes, treaties, etc. The United States is concepts written on paper with ink. Paper and ink do not jump up and do anything. 

Do you remember the quote, "The pen is mightier than the sword?" That quote means nothing! The quote itself is a diversion, designed to distract people from reality. No pen and paper, or sword, EVER jumped up all by themselves and did anything! Get this into your head once and for all...

It is ONLY people who ever do anything. And when people do something, IT IS ONLY EACH INDIVIDUAL PERSON THAT DOES IT. Collective is a distraction. Collective is communism. People acting together, jointly, is communism.
Consider the holocaust documentary, Memory of the Camps, that you can watch online on Youtube at, or, or About 9 or 10 minutes into this video, we come to Josef Krammer, the commandant of the Belsen Concentration Camp in Germany, in WWII.

Why is Josef Krammer important? He is important along with all the other Nazi leaders for ONE MAJOR REASON! He and all those others were tried, and punished, not based on the laws that they had formulated and promulgated. Rather, they were tried based on their actions, person ot person, man/woman against people, human being against human being.

In other words, the government of Germany prior to and during WWII made laws. Some of the laws that they made were built against nature... against the maxims of humanity acting humanely with and towards humanity. And it was according to the standards of the laws of nature that they had violated that they were punished, even though THEIR LAWS said that they were doing THE LEGALLY CORRECT THING.

It is happening again, people making laws so that they can deceive other people into thinking that the laws make everything good and right. And the BOTTOM LINE is that we talk about the United States as doing something rather than "a person" or "people" as doing it. 

The gun didn't get up and shoot anybody. The soldier picked up the gun and pulled the trigger. The commands that were given that directed the soldier to pick up the gun and shoot, were given by people. Obama's string-pullers did it. Obama did it. The generals and admirals did it. The commanders did it. And all of them who did it did it individually and personally, human being against human being. It was NEVER the collective communistic organization that did it.

If we don't wake up to this fact and speak it this way, we'll never get anywhere in our attempts to stop this illegal, immoral, wanton destructive aggression being attributed to some country or nation that is only a fiction of words written on paper. WE NEED TO START HERE!

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