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Miko Peled: Beyond Zionism

•, by wacko bird

Author of The General's Son, Peled is a peace activist from a prominent Israeli family - the grandson of one of the founders of Israel, and son of Israeli war hero, Matti Peled.

If you are supporter of the state of Israel simply because it's what you've been taught, or because it's what everyone around you thinks, or because it's culturally unacceptable to think otherwise because you'd be accused of being anti-Semite if you don't support the state of Israel, then, well, this is a red pill moment.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Good videos.

There is only ONE (1) reason that the current nation of Israel has had success since WWII. That reason has to do with the fact that God has tied His Name, irrevocably, to the name "Israel." When Stalin and Hitler defamed the name of God by attempting to destroy the Jews (Israel), God showed us all how He upholds His Name by remaking the nation of Israel. God will not allow His Holy Name to be defamed and dishonored.

Twice in the past God has destroyed the nation of Israel because they did NOT uphold the honor of His name. Is there going to be a third time?

America has aligned herself with Israel. But a good portion of America, right along with a good portion of Israel, are defaming the Name of God by their unrighteous actions. And the churches in America go right along with what is happening.

How much more will God take? How long will it be before God destroys Israel the third and final time - and America right along with Israel - for supporting the defamation of His Holy Name?

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