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Timelines and Historical Creationism

•, Ted Snider
The story of the causes of a particular historical event can be shaped by the historians and writers who have access to the media and publishers depending on where they decide to start their story.

In North America, the interpretation of current events provided to the public is often manipulated by selecting a convenient starting point that amputates prior events that would inconveniently alter the causal narrative. This amputation is made possible by a doctrine of historical creationism that sees current events as, not evolving, but emerging ex nihilo, out of nothing. Events are described, not in a context, but as discrete events that spring spontaneously and causelessly from an ahistorical past.

Several of the most important current events are being interpreted for the public according to this doctrine of historical creationism that ignores both immediately prior events on the timeline and more distant historical events.

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